A100-K Nordic skate from Ermine Skate


Our 45cm A100 skate with two colorways celebrating Alaska’s world-famous Kenai River.

Limited edition of 40 numbered pairs.

The A100-K has all the same features that make the A100 the perfect Alaska Nordic ice skate

Ermine Skate A100-K Nordic skate detail

Stiff, rugged American-made aluminum frames

Ermine Skate A100-K Nordic skate detail

Ceramic finish with laser-marked text and logos

Ermine Skate A100-K Nordic skate detail

Amercian-made, hand-sharpened 440A stainless steel blades

Ermine Skate A100-K Nordic skate detail

Thoughtful, functional design

Two Kenai-themed Colors

The A100-K comes in two colors. Kenai Teal is a teal with light metallic highlights that evokes the Kenai’s glacial waters. Kenai Pink is a light to mid-tone pink with a shimmering iridescent gold sparkle based on the Kenai’s world-famous trout.

Kenai Pink color variations

A100-K Nordic skates in Kenai Pink come in a range of color variations, from lighter pink with bright shimmering gold highlights to a deeper pink with more subtle metallic tones. Like the fish that inspired this colorway, each pair of A100-K Kenai Pink skates is unique.

Numbered limited edition

The A100-K is a limited edition of forty pairs, half in Kenai Pink and half in Kenai Teal.


A100-K specs are identical to those of the 45cm A100. See the A100 page for details.

The A100-K is sold out

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Kenai landscape and fish photography featured on this page courtesy Alaska Troutfiters.