Our 45cm A100 skate with a hand-applied lupine color fade.
Limited edition of 15 numbered pairs.

Ermine Skate A100 Nordic skates

The A100-L has all the same features that make the A100 the perfect Alaska Nordic ice skate

Ermine Skate A100-L Nordic skate detail

Stiff, rugged American-made aluminum frames

Ermine Skate A100-L Nordic skate detail

Sharp Amercian-made stainless steel blades

Ermine Skate A100-L Nordic skate detail

Tough ceramic finish with laser-marked text and logos

Ermine Skate A100-L Nordic skate detail

Thoughtful, functional design

The A100-L finish pays homage to the iconic Alaska lupine. These beautiful, hardy plants thrive throughout the state’s Pacific coast regions, and are found everywhere from glacial floodplains to roadsides, beaches, tundra hills, mountains, and beyond.


The A100-L is proudly designed and manufactured in Anchorage, Alaska. The unique lupine fade finish is created by hand by a locally-owned small business in downtown Anchorage.

Numbered limited edition

The A100-L is Ermine Skate’s first limited edition skate. Only fifteen pairs will be made, and each pair is numbered.

Ermine skate box

Next-day shipping on all orders

All A100-L skates are in-stock and ready to ship. Orders ship USPS Priority Mail®. Delivery times from one day (Anchorage) to three days (East Coast).


A100-L specs are identical to those of the 45cm A100. See the A100 page for details.

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