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  • Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

    Nordic skaters who carry backpacks should always use a dry sack to keep clothing and other gear dry in the event of a swim. The Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack is a Nordic skating essential: it is rugged enough for winter use, simple and reliable, and awesomely lightweight. The 70D nylon fabric is soft and rolls easily, and the bright white waterproof PU coating is located on the inside of the bag, protecting it and increasing visibility in low winter light. The Hypalon roll-top closure is easy to use and features a D-ring attachment point at the buckle. All seams are fully taped.

    We recommend selecting a dry sack that matches your backpack size, and that is big enough to fit all of your critical safety gear. If in doubt, the 20L size is a good fit for most skaters.

  • Grivel Helix ice screw

    One Grivel Helix 12cm (4.7in) ice screw. Ice screws can be used to quickly test ice thickness, and to anchor a rope while performing a rescue.

    Why we love the Grivel Helix for Nordic skating:

    • The 12cm (4.7in) size is perfect for gauging safe ice depth
    • The shaft is threaded nearly to the top, maximizing hold in thin ice
    • Extremely quick-biting teeth and large handle make placements faster and easier
    • Sleek, simple design and a weight of only 133 grams (4.7oz)
    • Steel screws like the Grivel Helix are less likely to bind in wet ice than aluminum screws
    • Excellent value for a top-quality product

    Made in Italy

  • Skyllermarks Blue ice poles

    Premium ice poles from Swedish company Skyllermarks, imported by Ermine Skate.

    A single pole can be used to quickly test the supportiveness of wild ice. Poles can be used in pairs to “double pole” against the wind or provide balance on rough ice. Poles are priced and sold in pairs. The Skyllermarks Blue ice pole features a sharp weighted steel point, a robust aluminum pole manufactured in Austria by Bear and Water, and an awesomely grippy rubber handle.

    Poles are available in two sizes, 145cm and 135cm. Shorter skaters may prefer the shorter size; longer poles allow a skater to reach farther when testing ice. Poles can also be cut down if necessary.

    Imported from the EU

    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA.

    We are sold out of poles for the season. Ermine will be importing more poles next season.

  • Skyllermarks Hansa-Dubben ice picks

    High-quality ice picks from Swedish company Skyllermarks. Ice picks (also called “ice claws,” “ice spikes,” or “ice awls”) greatly aid a user’s ability to self-rescue after breaking through ice. They are an essential piece of safety gear for those who venture onto wild ice. Skyllermarks’ Hansa-Dubben is a highly refined product with many years of successful development and use in Scandinavia and elsewhere. They are CE-Approved as a Class-II Personal Protective Equipment.

    For Nordic skaters, Scandinavian ice picks are superior to those currently offered in North America. They are worn around on the neck or on a backpack strap and are easy to access and deploy, and unlike some other ice picks they float.

    FREE Shipping anywhere in the USA
    Made in Sweden

  • Skyllermarks Hansa-Linan rescue rope

    The Syllermarks Hansa-Linan rescue throw rope is a safety device that facilitates the rescue of individuals who fall through thin ice. The Hansa-Linan is developed and produced in cooperation with the Swedish Lifesaving Society, and its design is based on extensive research and real-world use in Scandinavia.

    The Hansa-Linan is designed with functionality at the forefront. It includes a 23-meter floating polypropylene rope paired with a weighted bag and a large grab loop. Boating throw ropes often have mesh sides that allow water to drain from the bag, but which can allow snow and ice to enter the bag and interfere with the rope in winter. By contrast, the Hansa-Linan has a solid bag with a smooth surface, allowing it to slide across the ice to a rescuee.

    Made in Sweden
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA