Ice safety

Skyllermarks Blue ice poles


Premium ice poles from Swedish company Skyllermarks, imported by Ermine Skate.

A single pole can be used to quickly test the supportiveness of wild ice. Poles can be used in pairs to “double pole” against the wind or provide balance on rough ice. Poles are priced and sold in pairs. The Skyllermarks Blue ice pole features a sharp weighted steel point, a robust aluminum pole manufactured in Austria by Bear and Water, and an awesomely grippy rubber handle.

Poles are available in two sizes, 145cm and 135cm. Shorter skaters may prefer the shorter size; longer poles allow a skater to reach farther when testing ice. Poles can also be cut down if necessary.

Imported from the EU

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We are sold out of poles for the season. Ermine will be importing more poles next season.

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