Company Policies

Limited Lifetime Warranty for Ermine Skate LLC Nordic ice skates

Draft Version 1.1. Please note that this draft has not yet been enacted; at the time it is enacted the warranty will become retroactive to August 19, 2021.

Ermine Skate LLC (Ermine) warrants the original purchaser of any Ermine skate that skates will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the natural and customary lifetime of the product.

  1. The warranty applies only to defects in materials or workmanship. Regular wear-and-tear on a skate due to use or misuse of the skate is not covered. Examples of use that is not covered by warranty includes, but is not limited to 1) dulling of blades, 2) damage to skates due to impact(s), 3) damage to finishes caused by impacts or friction from boots and/or bindings, 4) damage to skates (including finishes) due to binding installations, or 5) alteration of the blade shape by repeated sharpening.
  2. The warranty applies only if the product is used as intended: as a Nordic skate for use on solid ice. No other use of Ermine skates is endorsed or covered by the warranty.
  3. Any material modification of Ermine skates voids the warranty.
  4. The warranty is administered at the sole discretion of Ermine Skate owners or authorized Ermine staff.
  5. Items that Ermine determines will be covered under warranty will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Ermine. When the original item is unavailable, Ermine will, at its sole discretion, make a good faith attempt to replace the item with an Ermine skate of comparable or better value.
  6. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the skate. Ermine may, at its sole discretion, request proof of purchase when assessing a warranty claim.
  7. Ermine may, at its sole discretion, determine that skates must be mailed to Ermine for assessment for warranty claims. The claimant agrees to pay all shipping costs and bear all responsibilities associated with mailing skates to Ermine. Skates may not be returned to Ermine without express authorization.
  8. Ermine does not warrant any third-party components or component installations, including, but not limited to, any bindings mounted to an Ermine skate.
  9. Ermine takes no responsibility under this warranty whatsoever for injury, death, or other harm experienced by a user of Ermine skates. All users of Ermine skates are entirely responsible for their own safety and for any consequence of using or misusing Ermine skates.
  10. No additional warranties are given, statutory, or implied. Any implied warranty is disclaimed.