Nordic Skate Sizing

One of the most common questions that beginning Nordic skaters ask is “what size skate should I get?” The answer depends on who you talk to. Most Nordic skate makers suggest that blade size should be determined by a skater’s height. But why? Hockey skate blade length, for example, is based on boot size–not a player’s height. If it’s not clear, we’re not convinced that height should be the only factor in selecting Nordic ice skate length.

Nordic skates are relatively long–even the shortest Nordic skate blades are much longer than the longest hockey or figure skate blades. The reality is that all Nordic skates are “long.” In our view, just how long you want them to be might be determined somewhat by height, weight, and other physical factors but what matters more is your skating style. To summarize: shorter skates tend to be more agile and longer skates tend to be faster and more stable.

The A100 skate from Ermine Skate comes in three sizes: 40cm, 45cm, and 50cm. We believe that most skaters will be very well served with a 45cm skate. This is a great all-around size that handles everything well for most folks. Those who want a more responsive, quicker-turning skate (say, for weaving around frozen marsh canals or dodging kids at the local pond) will be happy with a 40cm. Larger, stronger skaters and those who want to really lay out on big frozen lakes will love the stability of the 50cm. Different lengths of our A100 skate have modifications designed to take reinforce their strengths. The 40cm A100 skate, for example, has a stubbier nose that will allow you to do “stepovers” more easily, while the 45 and 50cm skates have a longer nose that does better cutting through surface snow or ice at speed.

The good news is that no matter your body type and skating style, you really can’t go wrong. Whichever skates you get will be perfect for something you’ll want to do. Over time, avid skaters often end up with several pairs of skates so they can match their skate to the day’s activities. But that certainly isn’t necessary. Just get out there on any size Nordic skate and have fun.