Mounting bindings


The A100 is compatible with many NNN, NNN BC, and SNS bindings. Check to make sure that the mounting pattern on your binding matches the mounting pattern on your skates.

Note: We recommend the use of “drill through” bindings rather than bindings that require a mounting plate. While mounting plates allow easy swapping or repositioning of bindings, the forces put on skates on ice can be hard on these systems. A “drill through” binding will likely be simpler, cheaper, and more robust.

The A100 ships with high-quality stainless steel hardware. All hardware is M5 size; hex head size is 3mm or 4mm.

While we have tested the included hardware to make sure it works with many bindings, it is possible that the hardware will not work for your exact binding. If it does not, please feel free to contact us for assistance. Home Depot often has a reasonable selection of stainless steel M5 screws. Bike shops can be another good source of metric hardware.

Note: Do not use the hardware supplied with your bindings. This hardware has large threads designed to screw into wood or composites. Attempting to use this hardware could damage your skates.

The A100 has four binding mount positions on the 45cm and 50cm sizes, and three mount positions on the 40cm size. We recommend positioning bindings such that the skater is roughly centered over (or slightly behind the center of) the portion of the blade that touches the ice. Those with larger feet will tend to install bindings toward the front of the skate, and those with smaller feet will tend to install bindings more toward the rear.

Follow the guides below to see the hardware positions. All screws should be snug and tight, but do not over-tighten. Over-tightening screws can damage the aluminum threads in the skate.

Use metric hex wrenches to install screws. Most hex wrench sets used for bikes are metric. Use of imperial hex wrenches in hardware with metric heads can damage the hardware. Use an adjustable wrench to hold nyloc nuts in place while installing screws into them.

Mounting diagrams

A100 Nordic skate mounting NNN binding A100 Nordic skate mounting NNN BC binding A100 Nordic skate mounting SNS binding

Install the head of the binding first, and then install the plate over it.

Note: Some skaters prefer to add a drop or two of threadlocker (aka Loctite®) to the screws that install directly into the skate. If using threadlocker, use only purple (light duty) or blue (medium duty) types. Threadlocker is not necessary on the screws that install into the nyloc nuts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.