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  • A110 Nordic skate

    The A110 is rugged, reliable, and well-designed for the toughest wild ice you can throw at it.

    Each order includes one pair of A110 Nordic skates. Every skate is made by hand in Alaska out of US materials.

    Compatible with NNN, NNN BC, SNS, and Xplore bindings. Add a binding to your order (free expert installation included at no extra cost) or request mounting hardware only.

    Questions about sizing? Click here.

    Made in Alaska
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Rottefella Xplore binding

    Rottefella’s Xplore promises to be a game-changing binding for Nordic skaters. The binding is simple and strong, and its wider (70mm) attachment points make it awesomely stable. Unlike other types of bindings, the stock flexor works well for Nordic skating.

    Xplore bindings require Xplore-compatible boots. Popular options include the Alpina Alaska XP and Alfa Free.

    Compatible Ermine skates: A110

    Made in Norway
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Atomic Propulse RC2 SNS binding

    SPECIAL LIMITED PURCHASE: The production of SNS bindings has been discontinued. This binding is available in very limited quantities, and must be purchased with a new pair of Ermine skates. To purchase these bindings, please go the A110 shop page and add the bindings to your order. Thank you!

    The Propulse RC2 is a top-of-the-line lightweight SNS binding from Atomic. The binding is compatible only with SNS boots. We highly recommend the addition of firm (red) flexors to your order.

    Compatible Ermine skates: A100, A110

    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Rottefella NNN BC Manual binding

    We believe the Rottefella NNN BC Manual is the best binding for those who Nordic skate with an NNN BC setup. It is lighter than the NNN BC Magnum and more resistant to icing up in wet conditions than the NNN BC Auto.

    The NNN BC Manual includes stock medium black flexors. We recommend adding firm red flexors to your order to increase performance.

    Compatible Ermine skates: A100, A110

    Made in Norway
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Salomon Prolink Access Skate NNN binding

    The Prolink Access Skate is an excellent NNN binding option for Ermine skates. The binding is simple, durable, and affordable.

    Compatible Ermine skates: A100, A110

    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Salomon Prolink Pro Skate NNN binding

    The Prolink Pro Skate is an excellent NNN binding option for Ermine skates. The binding is simple, durable, and affordable. The Prolink Pro Skate has a slightly lower profile than the Prolink Access Skate.

    Compatible Ermine skates: A100, A110

    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • freeWALKERgear Nordic skate bag

    Nordic skate carry bags handmade in Anchorage, Alaska by Kasi Walker at freeWALKERgear for Ermine Skate. These single-compartment skate bags are made of durable fabric and feature a Velcro closure and drain gromet. Bags have a topographic map from Chugach State Park printed on one side and an illustration of the Chugach front range on the other.

    Skate bags are available in two sizes. The medium size is designed to fit Ermine Skate 40cm and 45cm skates. The large size fits Ermine Skate 50cm skates. Bags accommodate NNN, SNS, or NNN BC bindings.

    Handmade in Alaska
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Sale!

    Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

    Nordic skaters who carry backpacks should always use a dry sack to keep clothing and other gear dry in the event of a swim. The Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack is a Nordic skating essential: it is rugged enough for winter use, simple and reliable, and awesomely lightweight. The 70D nylon fabric is soft and rolls easily, and the bright white waterproof PU coating is located on the inside of the bag, protecting it and increasing visibility in low winter light. The Hypalon roll-top closure is easy to use and features a D-ring attachment point at the buckle. All seams are fully taped.

    We recommend selecting a dry sack that matches your backpack size, and that is big enough to fit all of your critical safety gear. If in doubt, the 20L size is a good fit for most skaters.

  • Grivel Helix ice screw

    One Grivel Helix 12cm (4.7in) ice screw. Ice screws can be used to quickly test ice thickness, and to anchor a rope while performing a rescue.

    Why we love the Grivel Helix for Nordic skating:

    • The 12cm (4.7in) size is perfect for gauging safe ice depth
    • The shaft is threaded nearly to the top, maximizing hold in thin ice
    • Extremely quick-biting teeth and large handle make placements faster and easier
    • Sleek, simple design and a weight of only 133 grams (4.7oz)
    • Steel screws like the Grivel Helix are less likely to bind in wet ice than aluminum screws
    • Excellent value for a top-quality product

    Made in Italy

  • Skyllermarks Hansa-Dubben ice picks

    High-quality ice picks from Swedish company Skyllermarks. Ice picks (also called “ice claws,” “ice spikes,” or “ice awls”) greatly aid a user’s ability to self-rescue after breaking through ice. They are an essential piece of safety gear for those who venture onto wild ice. Skyllermarks’ Hansa-Dubben is a highly refined product with many years of successful development and use in Scandinavia and elsewhere. They are CE-Approved as a Class-II Personal Protective Equipment.

    For Nordic skaters, Scandinavian ice picks are superior to those currently offered in North America. They are worn around on the neck or on a backpack strap and are easy to access and deploy, and unlike some other ice picks they float.

    FREE Shipping anywhere in the USA
    Made in Sweden

  • Skyllermarks Hansa-Linan rescue rope

    The Syllermarks Hansa-Linan rescue throw rope is a safety device that facilitates the rescue of individuals who fall through thin ice. The Hansa-Linan is developed and produced in cooperation with the Swedish Lifesaving Society, and its design is based on extensive research and real-world use in Scandinavia.

    The Hansa-Linan is designed with functionality at the forefront. It includes a 23-meter floating polypropylene rope paired with a weighted bag and a large grab loop. Boating throw ropes often have mesh sides that allow water to drain from the bag, but which can allow snow and ice to enter the bag and interfere with the rope in winter. By contrast, the Hansa-Linan has a solid bag with a smooth surface, allowing it to slide across the ice to a rescuee.

    Made in Sweden
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Rottefella NNN BC firm red flexor

    Firm red flexors were designed specifically for Nordic skating, and fit all Rottefella NNN BC bindings. Compared with the stock black flexors, firm flexors provide increased performance at an affordable price.

    Note: If firm flexors are purchased along with a pair of NNN BC bindings, we will install the firm flexors instead of the stock black flexors.

  • Rottefella NNN BC medium black flexor

    Medium black flexors for Rottefella NNN BC bindings.

    Note: We recommend using firm red flexors for Nordic skating. The firm red flexor was designed by Rottefella specifically for Nordic skating, and improves performance for Nordic skates. Ermine offers the medium black flexor primarily for those who need to replace flexors on skis or who want to move NNN BC bindings from Nordic skates to skis.

  • Mounting hardware

    Replacement hardware for Ermine skates. Hardware is high-quality 300-series (304 or 316) stainless steel and is guaranteed to work with the bindings recommended for each skate.

    Please select your skate model using the buttons below, followed by your binding type.

    Note: All skate purchases already include hardware, either in a baggie or installed onto the skate along with bindings. There is no need to purchase hardware separately on this page if you are also purchasing new Ermine skates.

    Hardware for special edition skates uses the same hardware as the base model. For example, the A100-W uses the A100 hardware kit.

    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Ermine Skate stickers

    Two Ermine Skate stickers, mailed in a cheery red envelope.

    Printed in the USA
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA

  • Stickers by Sarah K. Glaser Illustration

    One Ermine Skate sticker by Sarah K. Glaser Illustration, mailed in a cheery red envelope. Stickers are printed on durable waterproof vinyl.

    Printed in the USA
    FREE shipping anywhere in the USA