Ermine Skate FAQ

Who are the people behind Ermine Skate?

Ermine Skate is owned and operated by a team of Alaskans based in Anchorage. To learn more, click here.

Where are Ermine skates made?

Ermine skates are machined at the Arctic Manufacturing Services facility in midtown Anchorage, Alaska, and finished at our King Street workshop, in south Anchorage. All skate materials are made in the USA.

Though Alaska is our home, we are proud to offer free domestic shipping on all orders.

Can I see your skates in person before I buy?

Ermine Skate dealers are listed on our Contact page.

What are Ermine skates made out of?

All skates in our current lineup use 440-A stainless steel blades. The frames are made of 6061-T6 “aircraft” aluminum. This combination allows us to take advantage of the best of both materials, resulting in skates that are stiff and durable.

Do you offer pro deals?

Ermine Skate has a Pro Program for groups and organizations. Learn more by filling out the form on the Pro Program page.

Do you offer sponsorships?

Ermine Skate sponsors a small number of skaters every year. Learn more at the Sponsored Skaters page.

Do you carry third-party tools like self-rescue picks, bindings, etc.?

Yes we do! Just visit our Shop page. You can add bindings to skates on the purchase page for the skates, and we will install them for free.

Can you ship internationally?

We have limited ability to ship internationally at this time. We will be rolling out a separate storefront for international orders soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for any international shipping requests.

My shop would be interested in carrying your skates. What should I do?

Please feel free to get in touch.

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